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Hi friend, you got to a unique blogging service where I, the creator, pay money for blogging activity. On Friday, the user with the most views over the past week is taken to the Friday page. This page is displayed automatically after entering the site on Friday. How much do I pay?: from 100 UAH to 400 UAH. I don't know how much it will be in your currency. If translated into euros, then this is approximately from 3 to 14 euros. You won't earn much :(. Blog service is not for making money. Cash reward is a nice(?) side effect. If you are interested in this blogging platform, then write to me: I will help you register: tbs-mbs.net # ukr.net I think you will not be able to register yourself: registration for foreigners is very difficult. I have implemented a crazy :%) captcha. The site was invented and implemented absolutely from scratch, without CMS, without any templates. Therefore, the view is so original, unique. When developing this magical blog service, I did not look, did not copy Facebook, Twitter and other garbage. Only one person is developing this blog service. I have no computer education. Everything you see and feel - I learned myself. Well... I'm a bad designer - I know that myself. I have never told anyone what will happen next ... And now I will not tell ;) If you are interested in blogging, I will localize the site.
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Роман Алискин
создатель tbs-mbs
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